So grateful to have a theater group open to all the ages, skills, and abilities. Birdie fell asleep talking about her great time at her first class today.

— Tamie

Another vote for The Stage! My son did it last Summer and can’t wait to do it again this Summer. His only request is to do more than one session.

— Bree H.

My kids 6, 8, & 11 love The Stage. Fun, creative, learning how to sing, dance, and act! Great group of instructors!

— Kristin R.

What I was not prepare for was Sandy Drumbowski played by Mikayla Whitsell. She maintained such a beautiful innocence, yet confidence throughout while also absolutely handling all of her songs. “Hopelessly Devoted” had me in tears. She showed the emotion in her face and body language without sacrificing the vocal quality. Major congrats!

A lot of great bits and moments. I enjoyed the costumes and overall atmosphere. Congrats to the fledgling The Stage up in Lincoln and if you can’t make it out to this one, be sure to be on the lookout for what’s next.

My daughter and I had a night out in our beautiful town. We got to see a live production of Grease from The Stage. The cast was so talented and I couldn’t help but sing along to the classics. I was so impressed with the acting and the singing. We’ll definitely check out their next endeavor. What a special town we live in.

— Stacie H.

I am now seeing the downside to having so much wonderful theatre in our area…you simply cannot make it to everything. That said, I’m grateful I was able to make it out to Grease and you can too with one more performance to go.

The most important note I can say is that the cast was having a great time and that carried through to the audience. Kudos to director Lizzy Wanamaker for getting that energy and enthusiasm out of the cast. Likewise, the large ensemble numbers sounded great and wonderful support from offstage as well. Great job to musical director Tamie Crane Rogers.

Onto the cast. The T Birds were having so much fun and when I brought it up and thanked Danny Zuko played by Christian Espinosa he said it was easy, they’re all best friends in real life. It came through. The ladies really brought it in this show. Aly Faria dominated with her song “Freddy My Love” Georgina Torres had so much sass and attitude as Rizzo I was hoping for the additional song her character often gets. There were some standouts from the ensemble as well. Ellie Campbell as the T-Bird Sonny LaTierri was always catching my eye with her presence on stage, in scenes, but also loving life. There was a sense of Napoleon Dynamite that I was digging. Adalyn Peters also brought sass as ChaCha, but more impressively brought it with all of her ensemble characters and numbers, keeping up the energy, reacting in the background, and doing the little things that really bring characters alive in scenes and musical numbers.

–TJ F.